Black Obsidian Palm Stone

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One palm stone will be chosen intuitively for you after purchase, however, due to this being a natural product the colours, pattern, and size of each palm stone will vary slightly. 

Black Obsidian creates a powerful protective shield around you to protect your being and aura. For this reason, you should place this stone at your feet to anchor yourself during times of chaos. Known as the “mirror stone” it allows you to turn inside of yourself for serious reflection. It can be brutal but this limitless stone tells you what you need to hear. It is a great stone if you read tarot cards, especially your own, as it helps to look deeper within yourself to see what the cards are truly urging you to do. 

Carry this stone with you if you feel vulnerable, it will not only protect you but help to find the root problem of your vulnerability. It can also give you protection and strength when standing up to someone who has been using their power over you in an unhealthy way. 

Disclaimer: Due to the nature of the unique stones, the size and shape of this product will vary.