Heart Crystals

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These cute crystal hearts are the perfect gift to show someone you are thinking of them, or the perfect crystal to use when you need to connect with your emotions and relationships. Crystal hearts can be placed over the heart to heal the heart chakra or to work with emotions during meditation. The shape also allows for the unique properties of each stone to wor specifically with the heart and the emotions it holds. 

Disclaimer: Due to the nature of the unique stones, the size and shape of this product will vary.

Stone Types & Properties: 

Snowflake obsidian hearts can be used to ground emotions when you feel as if you are spinning out of control.

Opalite can remove blockages in your heart chakra and can help you to verbalize emotions, especially when they are linked to your spirituality. 

Rhodonite can help to heal past emotional traumas, wounds, and scares because it unlocks feelings of compassion towards yourself. It can also help to balance your emotions to stop emotional shock and panic, like panic or anxiety attacks.

Tiger’s Eye can help bring luck in your love life! It also opens your eyes to what you want in relationships by bringing a clear picture of your ideal partner to mind. 

Sodalite promotes inner peace and feelings of ease. It turns your love inwards by boosting your self-esteem, self-acceptance, and trust allowing you to feel more comfortable in your own skin. 

Rose Quartz is the stone of love, specifically self-love. It helps with emotional healing by opening up the heart chakra and allowing you to move on from a situation where you need to forgive others or even yourself. It promotes unconditional love by bringing harmony and stability to the relationships around you.

Strawberry Quartz can revitalize your heart and give back that lost spark to any relationship in your life that may feel lacking or stagnant. It gives you the boost you need to take action to give your body, mind, spirit, the boost it needs to spread your warm and loving energy. 

Goldstone helps to ground your emotions, it takes your head out of the sky and brings you back to earth. Despite its grounding qualities it will enhance your love for the night sky and push you towards studying astrology as well as the magic that comes with it. 

Blue Goldstone helps to unlock your career passions by pushing you to take the next step towards your goal. It gives you the confidence to change your failures to successes, begin to cultivate a new creation, or even launch a new business.