Ocean Jasper Palm Stone

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One palm stone will be chosen intuitively for you after purchase, however, due to this being a natural product the colours, pattern, and size of each palm stone will vary slightly. Ocean Jasper comes in two main colours, pink and green. Please choose which colour variation of ocean jasper you prefer before adding a palm stone to your cart! 

Ocean Jasper brings the spirit of the sea to whoever carries it reminding you that what you send out will return to you. An amplifier of the Law of Attraction this stone can help to bring about your manifestations as long as they are for the benefit of humanity. It is also humbling as it reminds you that all great things in life take patience. 

Carry this stone if you want to be more nurturing and healing towards others as it enhances your empathetic side. It also makes the ideal palm stone because as you carry it with you it fends off harmful thoughts and fears. You can also place it underneath your pillow to banish nightmares. 

Disclaimer: Due to the nature of the unique stones, the size and shape of this product will vary