Our Mission

The story of Tribal Voices begins with a passion for traveling and collecting artifacts along the way. Now all we want to do is share this collection with as many people as we can. 

Our mission is to build sustainable partnerships with artisans from around the world, by connecting them with customers through our brick and mortar stores and now an online marketplace.

Our handmade goods showcase our partner artisans’ traditional skills and their dedication to preserving their artisanal techniques.

We source all of the artisans’ products ethically and practice fair trade principles. We acknowledge the interdependency of people around the world as well as our responsibility to help others.

Our Story

While exploring the colourful and eclectic markets throughout Southeast Asia and Nepal it was next to impossible to not become fully immersed in the culture and the arts that surrounded us. We met inspiring, vibrant, hard working people who were producing handmade goods using the same techniques that had been passed down in their culture and families for generations. We appreciated their talents and admired their products, and knew our family and friends would also value these hand crafted items we discovered. After returning home, we began envisioning what it would take to make that possible.

In 1993, we opened up our first store in downtown Peterborough, and embarked on a journey that would not have been possible without the valuable relationships we formed we made along the way. We continue to maintain these relationships today and it is by building on this mutually beneficial relationship that our customers are offered the opportunity to purchase unique products from around the world. Our goal is to help out global partners showcase their traditional skills to a broad audience who can appreciate these cultural techniques have been perfected over centuries.

Today, Tribal Voices has grown to three locations carrying not only the handicrafts that inspired us from the very beginning but also a large selection of sterling silver jewelry with authentic and quality stones as well as one-of-a-kind furniture, home decor pieces and more!


Tribal Voices works with 24 artisan countries in 8 countries.

Our global partners, who have mastered ancient techniques passed down to them by their ancestors, are proud to share their knowledge, traditions, and skills with you.