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Polished Kyanite Dangle Earrings


Kyanite is one of the only crystals that never has to be cleansed because it doesn’t retain or accumulate negative energy! Known as the Universal Bridge Kyanite can create pathways where one didn’t previously exist, helping to create new opportunities. It will immediately begin to heal and open your chakras bring a centred feeling to your entire sense of being. 

This is a great stone to use for gridding to help you or someone else get back on track. Create a grid of six pieces in a circle pointing in different directions to help channel all possibilities into one clear path. You can also place kyanite on all 7 major chakras, or wear a piece of kyanite jewellery during meditation for deep realizations and chakra work. 

Chakras: All

Zodiacs: Libra, Taurus, Cancer

Handcrafted in Indonesia - Sterling Silver  Earrings